Animal series in black and white
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With his monochrome photographic bias, Laurent Baheux purifies and sublimates the simple scenes of everyday wildlife captured in its natural environment.

From Africa to the Arctic, the photographer delivers a monumental collection of portraits of animals in black and white.

Presented as the portrait painter of animals, Laurent approaches his subjects in all their individuality and sensitivity, with curiosity and tenderness.



Ice is melting




Horses in the wind


De l'art & du cochon


Wild America


Ice is Black

About the photograph

Portrait Laurent

Laurent is a self-taught photographer. After the national and international sporting events that he considers "the best field photography school", he turned his objectives to the wild territories: a vocation that came to him «in reaction to the madness of men». 

In 2002, French photographer Laurent Baheux set out to explore Africa, particularly the eastern and southern regions of the continent. He returns regularly, to the point where these territories have become so familiar to him that he has now gathered material for several books and exhibitions.

Captivated by the daily lives of wild animals, these species, exposed to great temperature ranges, torrential rain, extreme heat and drought and surviving in severe, not to say hostile, climatic conditions, quickly became his preferred models.

Having given up sport to devote himself fully to wildlife, he extends his field of observation to the polar regions and opens his field of vision to domesticated species.

In his treatment of the subject, the photographer has always sought to combine an aesthetic approach with a portrait practice that could be described as animalistic, combining humanism with a strong sensitivity to the animal cause.

His tender, naïve gaze rests with benevolence and admiration on the daily life of Africa's great fauna, which he immortalizes in a broad, contemplative, graphic and minimalist style.

Behind the simple beauty of the images, sublimated by the light and the powerful contrast of black and white, Laurent persists, again and again, in delivering what he considers to be an essential message: there is no longer any doubt that the climatic upheavals essentially caused by human activities on an industrial scale are endangering all living things on earth.

A privileged witness to the collapse of biodiversity and the destruction of natural areas, he urges us to go beyond contemplation and urgently reflect on the challenges of preserving the priceless natural heritage that surrounds us and on which we depend.

If the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, photography is a romantic act because it places beauty above all things. And we need beauty because it makes us feel good.



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Throughout the year, dive into virtual exhibitions around a new theme, texts and music for 10 minutes of escape.

1274 Africa Terre Sauvage Festival 2023

Exhibition WILD AFRICA in Névache (France), summer 2023.


What they say...

An ode to the slowness, voluptuousness and beauty of a constantly threatened terrestrial paradise.


A personal and original approach that focuses on the material and gives it a special relief.


Photos that show wild animals in all their splendour.


Living beings and panoramas that seem to be out of time are suddenly within sight.




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