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Who am I?

Portrait Laurent

I feel less danger photographing wild animals than living with civilized people

Laurent Baheux

French photographer born in 1970, Laurent Baheux is part of the tradition of humanists to realize his black and white images of nature and wildlife.

Like his elders who roamed the streets to photograph the lives of people, Laurent Baheux travels wilderness to photograph the life of animals.

No cage or enclosure ; subjects are then individuals who express in the present moment all the strength of their' freedom, all the beauty of their personality and all the tenderness of their life in community.

Praised for their aesthetic strength and authenticity, Laurent's b & w photos are the subject of books, publications, exhibitions, conferences and are distributed in galleries in France and abroad.

Work with SONY ALPHA cameras & SONY G MASTER lenses.

For more infos, take a look on Videos where some interviews are published.


In 2013, Laurent is a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador for the anti-poaching initiative with images being featured in the "Wild and Precious" International Airport Exhibition. Since then, he has actively advocated and supported (cash or artistic donations) several organizations for the animals and the wild habitat protection:


ASPAS (Animals Welfare Association):

Groin Groin:

CRAC Europe:

Elephant Haven (European sanctuary for elephants):

GoodPlanet fondation:

Jane Goodall Institute:

One Voice:

French society of zoosemiotics:

What the Festival, Anymal World (Rémi Gaillard):

WWF France:


Photographers of Nature, 2008, collective book, Actes Sud

Terre des lions, 2009, with WWF-France, Altus

Africa portfolio #1, 2010, YellowKorner

D’ivoire et d’ébène, 2011, Altus

Africa/ Artbook, 2012, YellowKorner

Wild and precious, 2013, collective book with GoodPlanet foundation, La Martinière

Africa, classic version, 2014, YellowKorner

America portfolio #27, 2015, YellowKorner

The Family Album of Wild Africa, 2015, teNeues & YellowKorner

The Family Album of Wild Africa/ Collector edition, 2016, teNeues & YellowKorner

The Family Album of Wild Africa/ Small edition, 2017, teNeues

Ice is Black, 2017, teneues

Animalité, 2018, Atlande

Lions, 2019, teNeues

Elephant, 2021, Hemeria

Trees, 2022, collective book with Reporters without borders


SFR Jeunes Talents, SFR competition 2007 (Arles, France)

Specially commended mention, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007 (London, England)

Coup de cœur 2007, Bourse du Talent #32, Portrait category (France)

Biodiversity distinction from WWF-France, 1st Environmental Image Festival 2009 (Paris, France)

Nominated, Night of the book 2010 (Paris, France)

First price Coffee table book, Chapitre Nature Festival 2010 (Le Blanc, France)

CLIC CLAC photo Award, International Festival of Ornithological Film 2014 (Ménigoute, France)

Winner, Portfolio Contest #106, Black & White Magazine 2014 (USA)

Honorable Mention, number #23, image "Lion in the Grass", Adore Noir Magazine 2014 (Canada)

Honorable Mention, photo "Lion in the Grass", Memorial María Luisa International Mountain, Nature and Adventure Photo Contest 2015 (Spain)

Honorable Mention, photo "Dust Explosion", Black & White Spider Awards 2015 (USA)

Nominated, German photobook awards 2015 (Germany)

Honorable Mention, “Family Album of Wild Africa” series, Moscow International Foto Awards 2016 (Russia)

Honorable Mention, photo "Face-to-face with a lion", Black & White Spider Awards 2016 (USA)