Can I reproduce the Artwork of Laurent BAHEUX?

All photographs and writings of Laurent BAHEUX are protected by national and international copyright laws. Copyright infringement is a violation of the law that may be liable for statutory damages plus legal fees for each infringed upon image. If you are unclear whether the intended use is permitted, please write us at

This document is subject to revision without notification.


Under the following conditions and for no fee, you may include images of Laurent BAHEUX in your workshop or conference:

- As a PowerPoint presentation (no film or video without further permission),

- With credit to the artist while the artwork is on the screen,

Permission is NOT given for art to be included in a video-recorded presentation for sale or for posting on the Web.


Images must not exceed 200 pixels in any dimension.

- The images used must include with the image.

- Images may not be modified, colored, animated, collaged, adapted, customized or used as an element in a graphic design.


The purchase of a book or a print is encouraged by both the tattoo bearer and the tattoo artist replicating the original artwork of Laurent BAHEUX.

Send a well-lit photo of the finished tattoo with your name to (works in progress photos welcome).

Laurent BAHEUX reserves the right of free use regarding any photo of his art as a tattoo. 

Laurent BAHEUX may use the image of a tattoo of his artwork in a subsequent publication.


Laurent BAHEUX does NOT allow his art to be collaged, customized, copied, adapted, incorporated, photoshopped, in anyway altered or used within another artists work if this work has commercial purposes.


All reproductions for press and edition (textbooks included) must be the subject of a written request to with the useful elements (number and format of the images, number of copies , broadcast area, etc.).


All reproductions for advertising and communication must be the subject of a written request to with the useful elements (number and format of the images, duration of transfer, zone of diffusion, etc).

If you have any questions about the authorized use of your projects, do not hesitate to email us at